Top 100 Feet RULES:

#1-You must have a return link in place immediately after signing up or your account will be deleted.

#2- If you are signing up a toplist of your own:  We will allow it, but only if there is a permanent link somewhere on your ranking page. To do otherwise would cause the account will fall inactive if both our lists reset at similar times.  If there is not permanent link, your account will not be approved.

#3- Please note: You must have an active banner in your top100feet account information or you will not be listed.  If your site shows a broken image or does not use an active banner, your site will be deleted
#4- Top100Feet is a no bullshit site, we only list on topic sites, excessive pop-ups are not permitted.
#5- Place your linking code in a high traffic area of your site, or your site will most likely be buried at the end of our list.

New Accounts are approved weekly (typically around Monday or Tuesday)

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